Jordi Aguacil Milà

Studied Dance and Choreography at the Consevatori Superior de dansa de l’Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (1998).

Between 1998 and 2012 he was a professional ballerina at Sächsichen Staatsoper Dresden, Introdans Ensemble for the youth, Ballet Freiburg Pretty Ugly, Stadttheater Bern, Ballet Gulbenkian and at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.

In 2010 he obtained Graduat Superior in Choreography and Techniques of Interpretation at the Consevatori Superior de dansa de l’Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

In 2012 he graduated from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in in the education field of Psychology.

Began to practice GYROTONIC® in 2000 in Freiburg (Germany). .

•  2007: GYROTONIC® trainner. Florence (Italy)

Currently combines his GYROTONIC® classes with classes in classical and contemporary dance at Vincles (Mataró), Company and Company, Escola David Campos, Estudi Isadora (Barcelona), Club Muntanyenc (Sant Cugat del Vallès) and Balletzentrum Fürth/ Nüremburg (Germany).

“What I value most in my work as a teacher of this innovative exercise is the opportunity to help my clients improve their quality of life and their wellbeing on both a physical and mental level.”

Sandrine Rouet

Between the years 1988 and 1994 trained as a ballerina at the national conservatory of music and dance in La Rochelle, France, where she obtained two gold medals in classical and contemporary dance.

Continued her training between 1994-1996 at the School-Workshop RUDRA Béjart Laussane (Switzerland). Classical and contemporary dance, theatre, singing, kendo, yoga and traditional Indian dance.

Began her professional career at Ballet Royal of Wallonie (Belgium) (1996-97) and later continued her time as a ballerina and choreography assistant at the Companyia Metros de Ramon Oller from 1997 until 2010.

•  2011: GYROTONIC® trainer. Barcelona
•  2012: GYROKINESIS® trainer. Barcelona

Since 2010 she has combined her Physiotherapy degree studies at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya with GYROTONIC® classes and with classical and contemporary dance lessons at the Anna Maleras and Luthier dance studios.

“My intention when I teach GYROTONIC® is to give each person access to their body and movement with all the subtlety and intensity that this technique can offer - adding my professional experience as a ballerina and knowledge of physiotherapy.”

Alba Marcos Fosch

Founder of the Estudi Bonavista.
Graduated in Physiotherapy in 2005 with the license number 6290

In the year 2003 obtained a Diploma in modern and jazz dance at Estudi Anna Maleras. Has taught dance since 2002.

•  2007: GYROTONIC® Foundation. New York
•  2009: Jumping Streach Board. London
•  2011: Level 2 GYROTONIC®. Barcelona
•  2012: GYROTONIC® for Pre and Post-natal. Barcelona
•  2012: GYROKINESIS®. Barcelona
•  2013: GYROTONIC® for survivors of breast cancer. Madrid

Currently combines the direction and classes of Estudi Bonavista with jazz dance, anatomy and gyrokinesis classes within the training program at Estudi de Dansa Anna Maleras. She also works as a dance teacher at the Club Patinatge of Masnou.

“My professional career centres on the study of the body and all that encompasses wellbeing and caring, offering my knowlodge to ballerinas, elite sportsmen or to people with injuries associated with repetitive strain or bad posture.”

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