Pre and Postnatal GYROTONIC® application

Estudi Bonavista offers a specific program to maintain your body during pregnancy and prepare it for the moment of childbirth. The human body is wise and tends to adapt itself to the changes, but if during pregnancy the body is prepared, it will adapt better to the changes and the recovery after childbirth will be faster.

During the pregnancy the core of the program is as follows:

•  The training of the pelvic floor. This will help us during pregnancy, in birth, and in postnatal we have to regain it.

•  Avoiding the back problems that derive from the weight gain and change in posture.  Lower back problems and Sciatica are normal in this period.

•  Learning to breathe.

•  The preparation of abdominals to prevent a possible Diastasis.

•  Doing soft cardiovascular work.

•  Avoiding or treating possible liquid retention.


1st to 3rd months
•  Become conscious of your body.
•  Learn the basics of the GYROTONIC® method.
•  Learn exercises to do at home daily during pregnancy and in the first few weeks after birth.
•  One session per week is recommended.

3rd to 6th months
Now that you are better think about:
•  Relaxing and stretching the back muscles that suffer from the change in position of the pelvis.
•  Continuing work on the pelvic floor.
•  Beginning suspended work on your legs to stretch out the lower back, activating your legs’ circulation and preventing the retention of liquids.
•  During this period two classes a week are done: one of GYROTONIC® and one of GYROKINESIS®.

6th to 9th months
It’s important to be prepared for the moment of birth, aiming to maintain the exercises to be done at home.
•  We continue with two classes per week but, as it becomes more difficult to move, we always count on the machine to guide and support the movements.


If the mother has practised GYROTONIC® during pregnancy she will have learnt a few basic breathing exercises and some others to activate the pelvic floor that can be put into practice from the day after childbirth. During the first four weeks the mother has to rest and adapt to her child’s rhythm.  Once past these first four weeks and after gaining previous consent from her gynecologist she will be able to start to do exercise. In the case of a Cesarean childbirth we will have to wait from 6 to 12 weeks before starting.

2nd to 3rd months:
We will return to gain a routine with classes, looking to maintain the exercises to be done at home and that can even be done with your child in your arms.
Work during these months consists of:
•  Connecting the abdominals to reencounter your centre.
•  Regaining the body’s axis and posture.
•  Regaining strength in the pelvic floor.
•  Stretches and flexibility exercises for the neck and shoulders that become accustomed to being tense due to holding the baby and lack of sleep.
•  Two sessions per week are recommended.

3rd to 5th months
This phase is focused towards making us fit.
•  Work the whole body.
•  Strengthening and mobilizing the spine and releasing tension.
•  Gain strength and flexibility in your legs.
•  Improve our cardiovascular resistance and breathing.
•  Strengthen your abdominals by incorporating new exercises little by little.
•  Two sessions per week are recommended.

5th to 12th months:
This period of treatment deals with stabilizing a weekly routine so that the mother can readapt herself to the sport or activity that she did before the pregnancy. By this stage the body is balanced enough to be able to do normal GYROTONIC® sessions, therefore we will pay attention to the parts we see that you need to improve just as we would with any other person practicing GYROTONIC®. The connecting and abdominal strength work will be a little more intense throughout the first year after childbirth.

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